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Head Teacher and Leadership Team

Miss Gillian Putterill (Headteacher)

Ms Louise White (Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs Mandy Trewick (SEN)

Miss Louise Smith (EAL)



SENCO: Ms Louise White (interim) email:

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Miss Gillian Putterill

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: Ms Louise White; Ms Mandy Trewick


Class Teachers and Subject Specialists

Miss Tiele Head

Year 6

Miss Sally Boateng

Year 5

Mrs Nadine El Sibai

Year 4

Ms Martina Szaz

Year 3

Miss Niamh Canavan

Year 2

Ms Louise White

Year 1

Miss Charlotte Proctor


Ms Angela Maxey


Miss Martha Nicholls  Music Lead (part-time)
Mr Anthony Reid PE Lead
Ms Andrea Calero Spanish Lead (part-time)

Miss Louise Smith

EAL Lead
Ms Karen Butters Intervention Support Teacher

Classroom Support Staff

Mrs Mandy Trewick One-to-one Teaching Assistant, Year 6
Ms Eda Saaid One-one Teaching Assistant Year 6
Mr Callum Routledge One-one Teaching Assistant, Year 5
Ms Ogee Ichinkhorloo One-one Teaching Assistant, Year 4

Ms Maria Dimitrova

One-one Teaching Assistant, Year 3

Ms Kasia Laguna Teaching Assistant, Reception
Ms Stephanie Davinson Teaching Assistant Sp & L Lead (part-time)

Ms Roslyn Boakye

Teaching Assistant Nursery 

Ms Ansleigh Turner Teaching Assistant Nursery1 (part-time)
Ms Nakita Mc Allister Teaching Assistant Nursery1 (part-time)


Ms Louise White

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

Ms Cathy Cryer

Business Manager


Administrative Assistant

Other Support Staff

Ms Julia Burn

Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms Hanan Salih

Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms Marcia Eyzguirre Ashumada

Play Centre Lead

Mr Omar Mohammed-Weston

Assistant Site Manager