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SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) asks: How effective is your school's distinctive Christian vision, established and promoted by leaders at all levels, in enabling pupils and adults to flourish?

‘Our school community is inspired by the parable of the Good Samaritan from the Bible (Luke 10:25-37), where we are encouraged to love one another with courage and compassion. Through friendship, kindness and thoughtfulness, we will nurture each other to learn and flourish as individuals.’

Loving one another. Learning for our future.

We love to help others in need and we support and link with three main Charities.

Embrace Middle East 

The children's Society

British Heart Foundation

The SIAMS audit Tool                                                                                                                                         

SIAMS reflection reference documents

Strand 1: Vision and Leadership  

Our SDP (School Development Plan); delivering vision through our curriculum; IDSR; pupil wellbeing: SMSC tracker; staff wellbeing: wellbeing staff meetings; parent survey results July 2019

Strand 2: Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills   

Our school profile; home learning projects; BIG question assemblies; our link with Christ's Hospital

Strand 3: Character Development: Hope, Aspiration and Courageous Advocacy

Courage to make a change for the better: litter; letter to Cool Milk; letter to Parliament; Eco concert; skip-a-thon (British Heart Foundation); Christingle (The Children's Society); Harvest Festival (Embrace Middle East); Go Green for Grenfell; linking with elders in our community: Tales from our Community

Strand 4: Community and Living Well Together

Our behaviour policy and code; our Good Samaritan award; International Food and Costume Fair; sports morning in Holland Park; Easter Fair; Breakfast Club; ASC (After School Clubs)

Strand 5: Dignity and Respect  

Circle times; pupil voice: British Values in SCWSM; school council; our assemblies; Refugee Week; Black History Month; Parliament Week; RSE

Strand 6: The impact of collective worship

Prayerfulness room; prayer space designs; our SCWSM hymn book

Strand 7: The effectiveness of religious education

RE art days: Our Theological Concepts banner, Our Miracles of Jesus banners; BIG question assemblies; RE schemes of work LDBS; Statement of Entitlement; our RE learning in books