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Emergency Planning

Major Incident - Emergency Planning

Advice to Parents and Carers

In the case of an emergency, either in school or nearby, we will follow this plan. Our priority is the safety of the children at all times.

Situation A:

The school is safe. We will keep children in school.

Situation B:

The school is unsafe. We take the children to our church, St Cuthbert with St Matthias Church, Philbeach Gardens (50 Philbeach Gardens, London SW5 9EB).

Situation C:

The school is unsafe. The route to St Cuthbert with St Matthias Church is unsafe. We will take the children to St Mary-the-Bolton’s Church (The Boltons, London SW10 9TB).

In all situations we will try to inform you of developments either by phone, text or an update item on our website.

However, this may be impossible due to phone lines or email connections not working.

If this is the case, we will be at one of the above venues, keeping the children with us and safe at all times. We will have access to water and food in these venues. Children would need to be collected from one of these venues.

It is our policy to inform children in an age-appropriate manner of developments when they are involved in incidents. In all cases, age-appropriate discussions will take place after major events.