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News from Wales!


We woke up and got ready for the final day of work. First we did sheep and lambs. We discovered that some lambs had been born in the morning. Then, Ellis gave us food to feed the sheep in the field. After that, we came back for breakfast - we had cereal, toast and croissants. After this we got back to work and we had donkeys. We had to clear the manure in the place where they walk and in the field. Then we walked the donkeys and their names were Lupie Lou, Smiley and Maria.

Group B - we did pigs and poultry. We fed the pigs and the hens, cockerels, geese, ducks and turkeys. We also picked carrots and kale using forks.

After some drinks to get ourselves going, we had wraps for lunch and could choose from tuna, cheese, coleslaw and gammon.

This afternoon, we took a trip to the beach. When we arrived, we looked for shells and crabs, and observed the majestic, blue and calm sea. Our favourite part was exploring the bustling rock pools. After making our way back to the farm, we took a shower, tidied and packed our rooms and changed into our pyjamas. We had chicken curry for dinner followed by ice cream with strawberry sauce. Now we are looking forward to finding out who the farmers of the week are.

It has an amazing week to participate in this special opportunity. We’ve learnt so much and have made memories we will never forget. We are looking forward to seeing our parents to tell you all about it!

Written by Illya and Ty